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Personal for new customers

Want to optimise your training and maximise results in a safe and healthy way?


Omegawave Personal is ideal for athletes participating high performance sports or pursuing activities likely to fatigue their central nervous systems. Our service provides objective answers to a number of fitness and lifestyle management questions, such as: How have I recovered from my last training session? What volume and intensity of training is my body ready for today?


After 4-minute, at-rest assessment, you'll see a graphic view of how your body is responding to prior stress and exertion. This information will provide vital insight into how to plan and optimize your next training session, based on:

  • Windows of Trainability for Endurance, Speed & Power, Strength, Coordination & Skill (only on iOS and Web App)
  • Training heart rate zones
  • Analysis of central nervous system
  • Analysis of cardiac system


Personal package includes:

  • ECG chest strap
  • Omegawave sensor
  • DC measurement cables
  • Charging cable
  • 100 electrodes



  • Apple devices: iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3rd generation and newer, and all iPad Minis. iOS 7.1.2 or newer is required.
  • Android devices: 4.3 and newer. BLE support is required.


Please note: The Omegawave Personal application for Android does not include the Windows of Trainability. However, Android users can also view it with a web browser through



Estimated delivery: 2-3 weeks




Chest strap sizeFor help with choosing your chest strap watch our video or check the size chart.
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